Photography By Alexandria Steffes

Detroit, Toledo, and anywhere in between


Hi there, my name is Alexandria Steffes (newly Veit) and I am so glad that you found me. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Monroe MI into the most loving and supportive family. My favorite fact about myself is that I am an identical twin sister. We are attached at the hip and even attended and graduated Adrian College together in 2017 where I studied graphic design and photography. Upon graduation, I immediately jumped into my full-time photography business. Currently, I am the young age of 25 and got married to my high school sweet heart on August 20th 2020 (what a year!). My hair color and style changes as fast as the season, so don't be surprised if I do not match the picture above. People know me as "that friend" or family member that ALWAYS brings the camera (with a cup coffee in the other hand) to any event or simple hangout. I live to capture and freeze every little moment and have been that way for as long as I can remember. Time is precious, and sadly, I had to learn this at the young age of 23 with the unexpected passing of my mom, whom was my very best friend. The only thing I regret in life is not taking more pictures with her. So, in return, I want to live out the rest of my time here on earth making sure no one else has to live with that same regret. I want to pause the time between you and your love ones so that you can forever look back on those fleeting moments. I love capturing all areas of people's lives from newborns, to their milestones, to graduating high school, then college, getting engaged & their weddings. At this point in my life I can't choose just one, I want to be the one you rely on to make all these special moments stand still. I cannot wait to meet you!